The Anatomy of a Batik Sarong

Specific Javanese terms name the various parts of batik sarongs:

  • Sarong: a waistcloth that is decorated in batik and wrapped around the waist.

  • Badan: body of the sarong and the main field of the batik. [For example, see this sarong and its description: 1989.41.]

  • Kepala: head section at one or both ends of the sarong that differs in pattern or color from the badan.

  • Papan: broad decorative band within the kepala. [For example, see this sarong and its description: 1989.45.]

  • Kepala tumpal: design within the kepala composed of rows of triangular motifs.

  • Pinggir: borders lining the edges of the sarong.

  • Seret: decorative border encompassing both the badan and the kepala.

Excerpt from

  • "The Anatomy of a Batik," DMA Education resource, Waxed: Batik from Java, 2016-2017.

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