Teaching Ideas

Encouraging Dialogue

For Students K-12

  • What do you notice about this work? What do you think it is made out of?

  • How is this sculpture different from sculptures you have seen before? How is it similar?

  • How would the work change if it was in a different location?

  • This artwork was designed and built specifically for the Dallas Museum of Art and for this space. It is called site-specific installation art. The artwork was made on-site at the Museum, and in this case the artist, Karla Black, visited the Museum with materials in hand and built the artwork from the ground up.

  • Once this exhibition ends, only photographs will be the physical proof that the artwork existed. Thinking about the time and energy it took to create and build the work of art—why do you think artists like Karla Black continue to create site-specific works of art, when they know they will be destroyed?